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Fishing Through The Seasons >>

Fishing in the Winneconne area is a great experience year-round, but each season favors fishing for different species. For ideas on what to expect during the season of your visit, read more below.


The famous Wolf River Walleye Run begins mid-month and continues through all of April at a brisk pace. The larger Walleyes are taken at the onset of the Spring Walleye Run.


Walleye fishing still in full swing. The ice should be off the lakes by mid-month and Perch start to show up in the shallow bays. Crappies start moving into the channels. 



Walleye and White Bass fishing peak during the first week or two in the rivers. Walleyes head back into the lakes mid-month. Northern Pike, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass along with Panfish and Catfish bite well into June.


Best month of fishing for all species. Trolling or drifting on Lake Poygan or Winneconne is a sure bet for Walleyes and Northern Pike. Large Perch are caught in Lake Winneconne. 


Northern Pike are near the weed beds. Panfishing is at its peak in most areas. The Horseshoe Hole on Poygan holds schools of White Bass and Walleye. 


Motor-trolling provides great multi-species action. Early mornings and late evenings are best. Fishing guides can turn those “Dog Days of August” into great days of fishing.


Fall spawning run of White Bass starts and peaks towards the end of the month. Walleye activity increases, Fall Walleye run usually starts by the end of the month.


White Bass is excellent the first couple of weeks. Walleye fishing is good until Ice Up as the fish migrate up the river. Night fishing on the bridge is the most productive. 


Panfishing in the channels and shallow bays is excellent and continues right into early ice. Walleyes and Northern Pike are eating heavily getting ready for the winter. The Rat River area is a great location to try.


Ice fishing around the area provides world class Northern Pike, Walleye, White Bass, Perch, Bluegill and Crappie. Don’t forget about the Sturgeon spearing season in February.

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